Steelies On The Salmon River In NY

Steelies On The Salmon River In NY

Fly Fishing

Steelies on the Salmon River in NY can be considered as some of the best Fishing in New York State.

This Video is by TeamPautzke of with Andy Bliss of

Chris Shaffer of TeamPautzke suggest’s curing the Salmon Eggs in  BorX O Fire so that they don’t freeze and they will leave a scent in the water. 

Also the cured Salmon Eggs will last longer (10 to 12 casts) verses the Natural uncured eggs which will only last for about 2 to 4 casts before loosing their color and looking unnatural.

Another tip that both Andy and Chris will tell you is to use Blue Netting for making these Egg Sacks, these Steelies will devour them even in the colder temperatures of New York State.

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