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Stocking Brown Trout, Is It Harming Brook Trout?

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Stocking Brown Trout here in New York State has become common practice but is it harming our Brook Trout population?

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That is a very good question and the NYDEC is doing studies on this very subject.

Brook Trout on the decline


Here in New York State the Native Brook Trout


are on the decline, the parr studies have proven that.

Do you believe it is due to the Invasive Brown Trout which are not a Native Trout here in the United States? I am not so sure.

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DEC Has Quite A Bit To Consider

The Department of Environmental Conservation has a lot to consider when Stocking these Brown Trout.

The DEC works hard to offer Fishing opportunities to all of us through the Stocking Program, while at the same time not causing an impact to the Wild Trout population.

It is really quite surprising what the DEC needs to consider before introducing these Invasive Browns to our waters, but did they consider everything?

What About The Wild Trout

Okay let us stop and think about about our Wild Trout. When I say Wild Trout I don’t mean our Native Brookies, I am talking about the Brown Trout that had carried over from the previous year to breed.

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These Trout, that are carrying over have been breeding which is also increasing the population of Invasive Brown Trout.

With the increase of these Invasive Trout comes competition for food and shelter.

However at the same time if we didn’t stock these Brownies then we wouldn’t have any Wild Trout to fish for.

Ok, So What About Our Native Brook Trout?

Are these Wild and Stocked Brown’s ruining our Brook Trout population?

We really need to think about this, we have gone in and done a lot of Logging along our Streams. This creates less shade therefore creating warmer water.

We have built dams; and the culverts we have built are higher than the Streams so these Brookies can not run upstream to Spawn.

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There is also more and more things causing Pollution to our Streams (crop spraying, spraying for mosquitoes, spraying to put out fires, etc.)!

Our Native Brook Trout require pure and cold water to survive.

These Brown Trout can live in warmer waters and they can handle a little Pollution, they are much hardier than our Brookies!

Now I ask you … Native Brook Trout decline, is it due to the Stocking of Brown Trout, or is it due to everything us humans have done?

I say it is more because of human interference, all of our modernizing and what we thought was improvements!

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All I can pray for is that one day we will be able to achieve the perfect Fisheries without impacting our precious fish.

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