Stripping Peacock Quills For Fly Tying

Stripping Peacock Quills For Fly Tying

Stripping Peacock Quills for fly tying creates the nicest segmented bodies for your flies.

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Stripping Peacock Quills is something that many fly tyers do to make the perfect segmented body on several different flies.

This is a rather easy task and is probably cheaper than buying them already stripped.

Stripping Peacock Quills can be done in a few different ways, using an eraser or your fingernail for example.

Although if you want to do several of them at once then watch closely as to how easily this is done!

Stripping Peacock Quills just requires some Bleach, Baking Soda, and a clear quart container with a tight fitting lid. Also a good idea is to have ounce markings on the side of container for measuring purposes.

Pay close attention to the amount of Bleach you use, the Baking Soda is for naturalizing after the quill after bleaching. Too much Bleach (or leaving the quills in the bleach too long), can cause the quills to be brittle. This will not be good, it will cause the quills to be too hard to work with or too much breakage as well.

When Stripping Peacock Quills, do not use strung Peacock Herl or Peacock Swords. Only use the colorful eye portion of the feather, as this is the right size and creates good coloration. You can also use Sharpie Markers to color them as well.

Go ahead, give this Stripping Peacock Quills a try, you will end up saving money and have a fantastic material to work with! You will also be very happy with the end result in your tied fly with a segmented body.


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