Early Season Bow's In Stillwater

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing For Trout

Fly Fishing

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing for Trout, (in Argentina) is the place for Monster Trout you can only dream about!

This video is by Catch Magazine and Todd Moen running camera and editing, will show you some of the most beautiful Trout and scenery that I have ever seen.

This video will have your adrenaline flowing as you watch Katherine Hart catching Monster Rainbow Trout while waves are crashing over her trying to knock her off her feet.

This is just another fantastic video by Todd Moen that will have you thinking and wishing you were out there on Strobel Lake Fly Fishing for Trout!

This is a dream … Strobel Lake Fly Fishing for Trout, and needs to be added to any and all serious Fly Fishermen looking for Monster Trout!

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