Sulphur Comparadun Fly Pattern

Sulphur Comparadun Fly Pattern

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The Sulphur Comparadun is one of the best Fly Patterns to use when the Sulphur Hatch is going on, and the best thing about it is that it takes so few ingredients to make it.

This Fly Tying tutorial is made by our friend Tim Cammisa of

Tim has put out many different videos on fly tying, and what I really like about his videos is that he will always go above and beyond on his videos, he will also explain a few things, like maybe how to fish it, or what you can use if you would like to make changes to the pattern, he may even talk about where the pattern came from.

The Sulphur Comparadun is fairly easy to tie, however the hardest part is getting the Deer Hair Wing tied in correctly, therefore making this more of an intermediate Fly Pattern. However seeing how the Deer Hair Wing can be a bit of a challenge to get it right, Tim will demonstrate how to get it to work out right.

This Sulphur Comparadun is an extremely versatile fly pattern, because it can imitate different stages of the Mayflies, for example emerging, dun, and spinner stages.

This Dry Fly Pattern can be fished blind or you could fish it to rising trout, and it especially works well for Trout rising to emergers.

When the Sulphur Comparadun is tied correctly the Deer Hair Wing will not only stands straight up, but will also splay out 180 degrees so that the deer hair will touch the waters surface on the sides.

Another thing to remember about this Sulphur Comparadun Fly Pattern is that it is a dry fly so the body need to be rather slender and Tim will show you how he does the trimming for this fly.

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