Sulphur Gnat Fly Pattern

Sulphur Gnat Fly Pattern

Fly Patterns

Sulphur Gnat Fly Pattern is another good fly around this time of year (Mid May right trough July), and Trout just love them.

Fly Tying Tutorial is by Jim Misiura, and Jim demonstrates how easy this Sulphur Gnat is to tie.

Use a little “Gink” (Fly Floatant) on the hackle and this pattern will stay on the surface right where you should be able to watch it with no real problem.

This should be considered a beginner (or Novice) fly to tie, it requires so few ingredients, the hardest thing about this fly would be making the dubbing noodle.

Sulphur Gnat like the Black Gnat should be in your Fly Box, it just seems to be one of those flies that just plain works!!


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