Cypert Minnow

Super Cypert Minnow Fly Pattern

The Super Cypert Minnow is a great fly for Bass and Panfish, however it doesn’t stop there!

In this Fly Tying Tutorial by we will learn just how easy this Super Cypert Minnow is to tie.

A well known Texas fly fishermen, Charlie Cypert developed the Super Cypert Minnow, along with many other successful Bass and Panfish flies. 

Not only is the Super Cypert Minnow good for Bass and Panfish but it’s deadly on any other minnow eating fish. Trout, Northern Pike, Steelhead, and Salmon as well as many Saltwater fish would love this fly pattern as well.

When tying the Super Cypert Minnow, try different colors and sizes as well of some flashy materials, maybe even maribou for the tail.

This fly pattern is really very easy to tie, and it is a very effective shad imitation.

Something that you may want to consider when tying the Super Cypert Minnow, is using heavier thread. The Fishes teeth can really do a number on this fly. You may even want to consider a “Gel Thread” that is now on the market.

If you do decide to use a Gel Spun Thread on this Cypert Minnow, make sure you put a layer of glue along hook shank before wrapping the thread.

Using the glue along hook shank will help prevent the slippage of the Gel Spun Thread.

Fishing with this fly pattern is real easy too. Just cast it out and start a fast retrieve immediately to cause it to jerk and dive. This retrieve will make the fish go crazy.

This was originally called the Cypert Minnow, however Super had been added to the name because it is more durable.

Give this fly pattern a try, you will be surprised at just how easy it is to catch fish.

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