Tiger Trout The King Of Evasiveness

Tiger Trout, King Of Evasiveness

Fly Fishing

Tiger Trout are a combination of Brook Trout and Brown Trout, they are a hybrid therefore they don’t breed, or very rarely will they breed.

This is probably one reason why they are so hard to find.

This Fly Fishing video was brought to us by www.fishwhisperingtv.com with Zac Sexton as our host.

Zac is joined by Roger Miller from the Flyshop of the Bighorns in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Zac has never caught or even seen a Tiger Trout before, and has been told that they had been stocked in this stream so Roger is hoping to put him onto at least one tiger in this small Bighorn Mountain Stream.

This was not an easy stream to get to, Roger and Zac had to hike in quite a distance to get here so they will probably set up a base camp.

Zac explains the reasoning (or what he and Roger believes is the reason), for the stocking of these Evasive Tiger TroutThey both believe that this is a stream that isn’t real fertile, but has a high count of small Wild Rainbow Trout, and these Tiger Trout will feed on them but not get over populated because they are hybrid and don’t reproduce, thus allowing for the remaining fish to get bigger.

This is also a great stream to learn how to catch fish because these are highly populated small wild trout that seem to be eager to feed. So if you are interested in learning how to catch fish then this is one of the best ways to do so.

Zac and Roger had no luck in finding the evasive Tiger Trout, so Zac once again leaves without catching or even seeing the hard to find Tiger. I ask you, is the reason for not finding Tiger Trout in this stream because they do not reproduce or is it because they are part Brown Trout that do not seem to do much moving around in the stream?  What do you believe?

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