Tips For Wrapping Soft Hackle Flies

Tips For Tying Perfect Soft Hackle Flies

Tips for tying the perfect Soft Hackle Fly can be easier than you may think.

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In this fly tying tutorial we will learn some secrets to wrapping Soft Hackle to make the perfect fly.

The most common feather used for these type flies is the Partridge, and these are really quite small. Being a smaller feather can make wrapping rather difficult, but this needs not to be the case.

There are a few secrets to creating the perfect Soft Hackle Fly once learned you will find it super easy.

First step to preparing the Soft Hackle feather is to strip all of the webbing at the bottom of feather. Once that is done, gently stroke the barbules back leaving a small tip to tie the feather in.

You should notice that the Partridge Feather has a curved side which you will place down on the hook. The next step is to moisten your fingers and gently stroke the feather fibers down, toward the natural curve. By doing this is will coax the Soft Hackle to face backwards, toward the hook point. You definitely do not want the hackle to face forward toward the hook eye!

When creating the head of the fly, try not to pinch back the Soft Hackle fibers.  If you pinch the fibers then your fly will be matted down. Just wrap over the last feather wrap (not to tight), just using the thread tension will be tight enough. This will spread the barbules and make them face backward.

Making Soft Hackle Flies (or Wet Flies), can be super easy if you follow these little tips and techniques. Give it a try and see just how perfect your flies can be!

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