Tying Station For Flies, the Finished Product

Tying Station For Flies, The Finished Product

Fly Fishing Basics

This Tying Station for Flies is the finished product, it is such a great idea on how it was designed, it is so convenient and personalized for Mikes needs.

This is also part two of a two part series.


This Tutorial is by Mike Hedden and is done in his own Wood Working Shop.

The Tying Station for Flies that Mike had designed came from quite a bit of planning, you have to get the measurements right in order to make it all work out.

We will watch as Mike cuts, sands, stains, and drills, making this Station convenient and all his own personal style!

When Mike designed this he decided on making some shelves that his plastic parts boxes can fit into, now his hooks, beads, glues, feathers and furs are all in order.

The magnifying glass/light and vise is attached on the top and in the middle of this Tying Station, and there is even an area on the bottom for anything that may drop, or for catching your scraps when you cut the excess off your flies.

The stain that was put on this Tying Station ties this all together, and then the different sized drilled holes on the sides to hold all of the special tying tools (hackle pliers, scissors, bobbins, tweezers, etc.).

With the great work that Mike had done on this Tying Station it should last for years to come, even though he had used different types of wood.

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