Water Therapy for our Wounded Warriors

Water Therapy For Our Wounded Warriors

Fly Fishing

Water Therapy for our Wounded Warriors is such a great avenue for our servicemen to involve themselves in, it is really quite amazing how Fly Fishing helps relax the mind, body and soul.

This video about the Healing Waters program is brought to us by HampshireReview or www.HR.com and is discussing the Water Threapy being done for our Veterans in West Virginia.

I am very happy to hear about these Water Therapy programs being offered to our Wounded Warriors, these men and women had sacrificed so much for us that we need to give back to them and help them in any way that we can. 

This Healing Waters program not only teaches our Veterans to Fly Fish but also offer some Fly Tying too.

Water Therapy (Fly Fishing) is an amazing thing, it helps us when we need to relax and forget our problems (which can be nothing like our Wounded Warriors problems) but will also help our Veterans as well!!

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