Yellow May Dun Fly Pattern With CDC

Yellow May Dun Fly Pattern with CDC

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Yellow May Dun Fly Pattern with CDC feathers is what is being demonstrated in this Fly Tying tutorial.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is by Davie McPhail, a very popular UK Fly Tyer who is in associated with or if your from the UK it is

This Yellow May Dun is a rather brightly colored Dry Fly that can probably be an imitation for the Sulfur Dun even though it is so brightly colored.

This Yellow May Dun Fly Pattern uses just three actual materials other than the hook, glue and thread, and that is 2 colors (Yellow and Orange), of CDC feathers, yellow hackle fibers for the tail, and a yellow dubbing for the thorax.

As you will notice Davie uses 4 Hackle fibers for the tail even though the May Duns only have two tails, this is probably for better visibility for the Trout.

This shouldn’t be a hard tie and it should be rather quick, however at the same time the CDC used in this Yellow May Dun Fly Pattern can be a bit fly away, try moistening the fibers with damp fingers to control this.

The Yellow May Duns are very appealing food for Trout, however all sorts of Fish will eat them, try these for pan fish (Perch, Sunfish, Rock Bass, Crappie, etc.) as well.

Davie uses curved scissors in shaping the upright positioned wings, this gives the Yellow May Dun a nice high profile, and with the CDC feathers wrapped for the body, you will see that it floats really nice too.

Give this Yellow May Dun  try next time you see those yellow colored flies coming off the water, tie this up on a size 16 up to a size 12 hook, you should be pleasantly surprised at how well these little babies will work for you.

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